CEO | Chief Creative Officer

Living in Washington D.C. and working in both the District and New York City—not to mention traveling the globe—Carmencita Whonder is a globe-trotting woman with dynamic style and high fashion standards. With places to go and people to see, Carmencita has always been able to keep up with the fashion industry—what she needed was fashion that could keep up with her.

She craved high-quality, tailored garments that fit both her frame and her multifaceted lifestyle. But it was never just about the perfect fit for her body. It was about achieving the style she and women like her deserve—elevated fashion, the highest quality fabrics, hand-made details, and more. With over 62 percent of American women wearing a size 14 or larger, Carmencita knew she was not alone.

OF WHONDER rises to serve the demand. Carmencita has recruited an expert team of fashion professionals with a combined 50 years of experience in the industry to help her create a premier clothing label that features exclusive high-end styles for women sizes 12-24—the majority of women.

The name OF WHONDER is derived from Carmencita’s original family name, De Whonder and honors the strong Jamaican culture that raised her and has long celebrated the feminine shape.

The world of fashion might seem like a strange departure from Carmencita’s successful career in politics, finance, and international affairs, but above all things, Carmencita is a strategist. Educated at Howard University and Johns Hopkins, and with experience in a variety of areas from financial services to the US Senate, she’s skilled in developing plans for underserved markets. Now, she’s transitioned to helping a market very close to her heart–her own.

The bar has been raised. Never again will a woman have to sacrifice quality or fit. OF WHONDER’s artisan-quality collections paired with premium, hand-selected fabrics, provides women with a selection of superior clothing that shapes and sculpts feminine figures.

OF WHONDER is more than just a fashion line—Carmencita’s brand represents a lifestyle that promotes positive self-image, balanced choices, and daring confidence each and every day.