Carmencita’s Faves



This hoodie is a must-have for fearless women who like to push boundaries just as much as it is for women open to expanding their horizons. It’s the reinvention of a classic with supple grey leather (one of my favorites colors in leather right now!) on the cuffs, hood, and back panel—a unique detail everyone is going to love.

Style Tip

Pair it with the OF WHONDER legging and you have the perfect casual yet sophisticated look.



Having curves doesn’t mean you can’t rock a straight-line mod look. Our black and white Mod Dress falls just above the knee and will look amazing on every frame and figure.

Style Tip

Wear this dress with a pair of your favorite platform heels and you’ll be the modern version of a sixties sweetheart.



The versatility of the pencil skirt makes it an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re aiming for sexy, professional, or elegant, this skirt will give you the look you need and make you feel incredible.

Style Tip

Wear it with one of my other favorites, the Cuff Top. The striking back detail with embossed leather panels paired with this classic skirt will create a truly high-end style.